F1 2021 liveries ranked: Best and worst looking cars from the new season of Formula One

The 2020 Formula One season saw multiple teams run car liveries that will be remembered for years to come. Mercedes had their ‘blackout’, Alpha Tauri had changed it up in their maiden year and the Alfa Romeo was pure brilliant.
With new teams and title sponsors like Aston Martin, Alpine and Haas; the grid is looking very different to last year.
Here is my ranking of each Formula One 2021 car livery from worst to best.

10. Williams; FW43B
I understand they have been next useless on track in the past few years and their current record is mind numbing, but that doesn’t have to bleed into the livery design. Last years ‘Colgate toothpaste’ design was changed to a much smarter and clean style, something I wish will happen this season. The colour pattern is jumbled and misplaced on the nose, the seven-segment display font for the number is horrid and it has bloody stripes. STRIPES.
However, I do like the black at the rear of the car. How can the design go so wrong with no sponsors on it?

9. McLaren; MCL35M
The shade of blue used just does not complement the papaya-orange anywhere near as nicely as last years car did. The lighter blue exaggerates both the orange too much and makes makes it a little out of place. The design of the car is nice however and I like the splash of colour near the rear of the car. The Huski Chocolate sponsor could work well on a car of more suited colour.

8. Red Bull; RB16B
I mean being the Red Bull livery designer must be a very easy job. Just copy and paste whatever last years car was and its job done. So it’s lucky I am a fan of the generic livery, it holds something in my mind that I just can’t fully understand. The yellow on the nose is not the greatest and seeing as there is nothing close to originality or revolutionary I can not rank it higher than this.

7. Aston Martin; AMR21
I can not believe that I am about to say this but I miss the pink cars. As a fan of Force India liveries throughout the years (yes the Pink Panthers but mainly the beautiful Black, Orange and Green of the 2010’s) it is a shame that it is gone. But, British Racing Green is back on the grid and I like the colour. I don’t like how it looks satin; the texture it gives off just gives me the creeps. The red/pink tramlines at the base of the car is not needed but the black on the fin is nice. You can not go wrong with black.

6. Alpine; A521
French colours with a French flag on the rear wing, it almost looks like something out of last years rejected Williams concepts. Again, the black details of the car complements the blue base beautifully and the ‘French Flag’ transition from the blue to white to red is created perfectly. The black rear wing with Alpine in red looks smart and slick. On the edge with this one as I did not like it at first glance, but the design is enough to keep me interested without going overboard.

5.Haas; VF-21
The obvious Russian flag on the car is interesting as they apparently designed the look last year, before the Russian influence of the Mazepin family on the car. The car number is cleverly circled off, keeping the American vibes and influences. Maybe the black on the front wing is a little overdone but it looks a lot cleaner than if they opted for a faded look. Give the car some slack people!

4.Ferrari; SF21
The last car on the grid to be announced and it is everything you expect from a Ferrari F1 car. The Shell sponsorship is predominant on both the side of the car and on its nose which gives back the good vibes of older years rather than ‘UPS’ as the main sponsorship on the car. The darker red leading to the rear wing is a great detail on the car in addition to the black leading to the underside of the car. The green chevrons on the fin are so out of place it hurts. However, the Ferrari team have done well with all the sponsors to make it neat and fit comfortably on the bodywork of the car.

3. Alpha-Tauri; AT-02
You have to feel sorry for Yuki Tsunoda and Pierre Gasly, they are standing next to a beautiful car, their race suits are pristine, but are sadly forced to dress in clothes you might see a stereotypical homeless person wear on a TV programme. Is it only me that was reminded of the 2013 Williams car when seeing then, misusing the big Bull that resigns on the wing. It is beautiful. The car looks classical with the hint of modernisation that is always apparent in everything Alpha-Tauri do!

2. Mercedes; W12
It looks so futuristic, like it has been nabbed of the set of ‘Tron Legacy’, it is so cool. I love it. The green tramlines that run through the car is beautiful and gives light to the dark base. ‘PETRONAS green’ as I am lazily calling it is beautiful and compliments the darker tones to create a speedy gimmick. I did not like the red fin at when I watched the lauch but it has grown on me. The repetition of AMG might not be to some peoples liking and im not 100% sold on it at the moment, but the style is nice. The fade to grey is excellent but that does lead to my only negative of the car and that is the red, empty numbers, neither clear enough nor synchronised with the rest of the car

1.Alfa Romeo; C41
Two years in a row that Alfa Romeo has created a beautiful looking car, its just too bad that they will be sat at the back of the grid with the Williams and Haas cause this livery deserves more. At first glance you may like an aspect of the car, and then look again and notice another beautiful design piece. Now do that a few times over and that’s how I react when I see this car. The red and white is the most smart yet stylish of the cars on show this year and offers something different yet so easily recognisable. The Alfa dragon and cross is so slick, the red halo is a great touch, the black underside of the car is to die for, the sponsors and pattern on the nose is so organised, the striped rear wing is another excellent touch.
The Italian car would make both Aphrodite and Venus blush with it’s beauty may not be the anywhere near the front of the grid but the love from the fans will make it one to remember. Kimi Raikkonen the perfect personality to tame it from behind the wheel, maybe, just maybe the Alfa can build for the future!

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