Paul Merson spews uneducated statement “His agent should be given a knighthood” on Sky Sports News Deadline Day as Ozan Kabak joins Liverpool.

The final day of the transfer window is always the busiest, with teams evaluating if the fourth or fifth name on the transfer shortlist is worth spending twice the market rate for. Its not.

There has been a few changes with the transfer window in England and Europe in the past few years. The window has changed the time of closure with the regular 11pm cut off being changed to 5pm. COVID has effected the market as well, mainly the day being changed, in 2019, the times were changed for the window to close before the Premier League season starts, only to revert to the old system the next season.

Sky Sports have made the biggest fanfare about Deadline Day, with their news channel Sky Sports News only showing transfer programmes and updates throughout the day, interrupted by only the most impactful news from outside the transfer commotion.

We all know what to expect on Deadline Day; Everything is yellow, Jim White has had his teeth whitened, a window shut countdown ultimately leading to shots of ‘Big Ben’ in London chiming. As I have grew older, the appeal of Deadline day has faded- one of the reasons is that many of the ex-pros they get on spout out bollocks without any thought or actual insight into a player that is arriving from abroad or anywhere that is not the Premier League.

I just have to get this off my chest: Paul Merson, how is this man still employed to talk about football? Yes, he was fun to watch when combined with the boys (Stelling, Thompson, Nicholas and Le Tisser) on Soccer Saturday, but even then when actual football opinions were shared it was like listening to a Flat-Earther explain astrophysics. The man is clueless about anything that doesn’t involve impregnating a woman.
Liverpool are combating the defensive troubles at they are currently facing with a duo of centre back signings. Ben Davies looks to be signed from Preston North End for £2,000,000 whilst Ozan Kabak looks to be coming in on loan from Schalke, a loan fee around £2,500,00.

Liverpool fans have been praying for a centre half all window, with David Alaba, Sergio Ramos and Dayot Upamecano rumoured to be entering Anfield.

“Its a smart signing, he wont play much but he will be needed when the fixtures pile up”, he said about Davies, 25, who has played in the second and third tier of English football all his career, and to many is seen not as an upgrade to relative youngsters Nat Phillips, Rhys Williams or even captain Jordan Henderson who have filled in at the back this season.

“He should get his agent a knighthood”, “I don’t know why they’ve gone for him, if they’re bottom of the league he is no good”, strong imbecilic nonsense from Merson talking about Ozan Kabak- the 20 year old who is currently in the top flight of German football, has played in European competition and has been capped seven times for his country.

This coming from the man who complemented the £25 million signing of Ben Godfrey to Everton and 23 year old Jamal Lewis’ move to Newcastle for £15 million last summer, both in the Norwich City defence that conceded 75 goals as the finished bottom of the Premier League.

I know its hard to admit, but maybe Merson needs some help, maybe he could try and watch or at least entertain the thought of learning about football in other countries and cultures, in aid to make even a semi-knowledgeable assessment of a player or manager coming from overseas.

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