University of Gloucestershire midfielder Jamie Monks notes “The ginger hair leans to comparisons to Paul Scholes”

“I play football for the Uni fourth team, I play centre midfield, the ginger hair leans to comparisons of Paul Scholes” 

Avid Manchester United fan Jamie Monks is hoping to replicate- no matter how much smaller the scale- the feat of United hero Paul Scholes as likeness of looks and playing position have followed him through life.

Monks continued however, “I don’t score goals so that’s a lie. I like to think I’m like Paul Scholes.” 

The Sandbach youth, born just 30 minutes from the former International, referenced his illustrious career, where he scored over 150 goals in his career. 

“Every little kid says they want to be a footballer, but pretty early I sussed that football was not the career path for me, but watching football might be.” 

Monks explains how from a young age the dream of becoming a professional football player was out of reach.

Playing for his university fourth team the football enthusiast can still play the sport he loves.

Monks has recently enrolled at the University of Gloucestershire, studying Sports Journalism, a subject that would not have been a clear choice after his A-Levels. 

“I studied PE, Drama, Chemistry which is something no one else in the world has done, it’s a funky complex”

When explaining how he came to the realization of his new academic adventure, 

“I had an epiphany when I saw a carbon atom.

“I went for an open day at Leeds and I looked at Journalism and Sports Science.

“I fell asleep at Sports Science, thinking if I do this I’m going to die or something, it’s just not interesting.

“I looked at Sports Journalism and i think “this is interesting, this engages me, its something i want to do.”

Having attended open days at both the University of Leeds and Liverpool John Moores University, Monks decided on moving down South, living in Cheltenham. 

“I thought this was the best course for me, it looked really nice. The lecturers were really personal and I thought a place like Cheltenham, not a big city or a small village…life is good here.

“Yeah it’s a two hour drive from home, parents are in lockdown currently as they live in a high risk zone,but it’s been good actually, flats quite nice.”

Monks lives in Pittville Student Village, 30 minutes commute to Park Campus where his course takes place. 

“In terms of socializing with people, I find it easier to do it here (park campus/course) than my flat as they are not really similar to me, a lot of people are like minded, I’m the only person on my course in my flat.”

Unsure of what sector of Journalism he wants to specialize in, Monks has all the attributes and the perfect atmosphere to excel, his future looks bright, so keep your eyes peeled for Jamie Monks either on your TV, radio or in your morning papers. 

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